If you can’t get a guy to fall for you, you surely won’t succeed in today’s lover’s world.

Like it or not, the chase isn’t just something we men enjoy. It’s something coded to our DNA, we’re just wired that way and its extremely fundamental to building and keeping attraction.

But before i start revealing, who messed? , let’s be honest. You love the chase, too. If a nice guy walked right up to you and served himself to you on a silver relationship platter, you’d be bored , and i mean extremely.

It’s coded into all of us. a rule in our minds and our bodies too. That which has true value, requires work.

If someone walks up to your door and offers you a million Shillings, you don’t get excited easily as would be expected..

If someone claiming to be Elvis Mbonye, you’d be wondering when the date is.

And if an overseas ‘investor’ aka ‘Musummer’ emails you about a rich fortune you’ve just inherited, you don’t start planning how to spend your share.You just think “What’s the catch?”

Everything obeys the law: That which has true value, requires work.

A man wants to chase after a woman.

We Men want to feel like we’re the only ones on a girl in the world that could have won you. as a man, i want to believe that it was my unique blend of charm and charisma. It’s how we men feel secure that you won’t totter off to the next guy with a hint of basic suave.

Girl And if you’re honest, you want to chase, too. You want to know he wasn’t just looking for a relationship with anyone – that it was you, and only you – who turned his swinging bachelor ways into a committed partner. That’s how you can feel secure with him, Right?

Ok. So falling for you is important. Now, how do you get the guy to do just that but this time permanently?

I could give you tricks to spark his interest. I could show you how to passively fake disinterest. right Now you must be burning with desire to know the trick.

And it will work. He’ll chase you, fall for you and will uncontrollably be yearning for you and wouldn’t want to lose you for anything in the world.

I must Warn you, it’ll be temporary. He’ll chase you until he’s got you, before he realizes it was all a big bang Plan– that you’re not really the high value woman you made out to be. He’ll tire and leave as that reality sinks in.

Instead, this is how to do it for real. It might be a little harder, but it’ll be permanent. note the last part.

Here’s how – without playing hard to get – Girl, you can get a guy to chase you for all the right reasons.

Build a high-quality, exciting life.

Here’s the deal, the REAL BIG DEAL.

You can ignore everything else I write in this article if you get this right.

Men chase and commit to women whose world they want to become a part of.

It’s that simple.

The more caring and passionate you are, the more exciting your world. Men will chase you, without you ever doing anything.

There is a natural fact, Like How Men get aroused by a simple sight of a woman’s upper thigh. with this any woman can generate physical attraction and have a man want to sleep with her.

But the high-quality woman that men chase endlessly knows her real attraction isn’t physical. She works on herself and builds a life she loves, now that’s a fact most women themselves don’t realize as they end up working on their physical looks for temporal attention seeking men and the kind of type that is temporary and target lover type them selves. Rather than focusing on how she looks or how men perceive her. In doing so, she radiates the confidence of a woman who knows any man would be lucky to join her as a boyfriend.

If you want to consistently have high-quality men chasing you – push your comfort zone, confront your fears, and build the high-quality life you dream of. It’s a rare woman who does that, and men know it.

Don’t stop being single.

Many of single women are in a hurry not to be single. Do you ever stop to wonder why?

It’s ironic that, much of my time is spent teaching women NOT to jump into commitment.

Being single is the most empowering phase of your life as no man wants to jump into a life threatening situation.

When you’re single, you can work on yourself, you have what most women refer to as personal space and with it comes the freedom to walk, sleep eat naked without interference. You have time to build your dreams. But most importantly – you can still choose your Mr. Right – the biggest decision you will ever make, period.

Women in a hurry to stop being single push for commitment – sometimes in just a couple of dates – with the first decent guy they find themselves attracted to. Now that’s the biggest mistake you make and so many women go throught the same over and again because they trail a history of failed relationships.

Any guy would ask himself, “Why would a woman who has built a high-quality, exciting life be so keen to escape it?” Am sure you would also ask yourself, if not blind folded by the your horn to lay someone.

Men instinctively know women who are hard to get out of single life are women worth chasing.

This isn’t playing hard to get. This is just being so damn happy in the life you’ve built that you don’t want to leave it for a guy you don’t know well.

Raise your standards for love.

Critics often tell me, “By telling women to stay single, you’re telling them to go against their feelings for a man, which is the definition of playing games.” I DISAGREE!

ALL LADIES OUT THERE including you reading this now, If your feelings are telling you to commit after a very short time, then those feelings are not in your best interest. Emotional maturity means knowing when your emotions are leading you astray.

But you don’t have to change the feelings; just raise your standards. do i make sense here?

We don’t know a person in two dates. We barely know them in five. Now you can pretend to believe in love at first date, but you also gotta believe that there is so much that this person is holding on to thats kept in pne piece for this long.

Don’t ignore your feelings. Just accept that they’re not serving you in the long-term goal of finding the right partner, and raise your standards. Raise the amount you need to know about a guy and the investment you require before you consider him ‘boyfriend material’ or better yet bae, or fiance for that matter.

i have to say this.You’re waiting for him to prove himself – to do more than the basics most women expect before you see him as ‘boyfriend material’. He’ll be surprised by your emotional maturity and self-worth, and he’ll chase.

Don’t give him boyfriend benefits if he’s not your boyfriend YET. he’s gotta Earn it.

Now ladies i gotta say this, Contrary to popular belief, we men love being in relationships.

We love the companionship. They love having an empathetic supporter after a bad day. We love the safety and security of knowing you’re not out there playing the field.

But there’s a saying. “Why buy the cow if you can have the milk for free?”

It’s true.

But most people relate it to sex. It has nothing to do with sex.

If you think sex is the best thing you have to offer, you’re underestimating how much men love relationships.

What I’m talking about is much more important to men, and much more valuable.

there is continuity to this episode and like i always tell all those in search for “the one” one step at a time.”

Check out part two of this episode so you can get the ULTIMATE steps that will rack you all the WEALTH HE HAS WITHOUT EVEN BEGGING FOR IT.


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