So he has been secretly Cheating on you with some other chic. he may not show it obviously, and he will never admit to doing it. GIRL? He will even swear upon sleeping with his mother that gave him life against ever cheating on you. He will sometime’s even shade crocodile tears and it gets worse if he is on phone, he might sound so truthful that you will even doubt your facts but guess what, all this is for “JUST” to simply keep you from finding out the whole truth.

So how do you get the truth revealed without investing precious time and money doing it? Before we proceed, My Girl don’t make the Mistake most girls do, of first approaching his close buddy in belief that he might keep your investigation under the carpet just because you’ve asked him of that.
you must remember that the are CLOSE, if NOT closest and what that means is that he can do anything to save his ass* from Fire and it doesn’t matter from who it comes from.

Now, that being said. first thing first, when you say yes to a guy, this is what runs through, their mind, “i got her, SHE is MiNE”, “I can no chase on another, this one is already on the SHELF”

knowing by nature we women unlike men are loyal up until we’ve had enough of cheats, endless sorries and last but not least being called whores by guys because we don’t want to be tasted by everyone who deems themselves male. PERIOD

Firstly whenever any man and i mean any man is cheating, you these signs am going to say here are always going to reveal. all the behavior am going to mention here will surface.

#1 Phone Password/PinLock: Naturally men are insecure when they do wrong unlike us who act normal even and unnoticeable even after having s6x, Men on the other hand wear guilt faces and body language up until thier minds settle for it as normal and anyone can do it.

so when he begins cheating, the first thing that comes to his mind is a phone lock so no one checks his phone, and if he has had it before he will most definately change it just to feel that his secret is safe and lies only with him and his mobile phone.

#2 Sudden Comparisons to other CHICS: My girl if he is comparing you to other chics, you doing what other girls do. BINGO, you’re doomed. Hes banging another girl already. Like the saying goes, “UNTIL you leave home, YOUR MOTHER IS THE BEST COOK! ” so now you know.

in every relationship, communications is a must and without it, there is no relationship. for most lovers hanging out or hanging in is a must. Both parties make all efforts to make sure they meet the expectations. Naturally men give time to what interests them even when it doesn’t interest us women, for example look at football, we can’t stand it Argggg!!

but hey we love the man , don’t we? so we live with it but they watch it anyway even when they know that we hate it . in other wards they create time for it because they love it. IF you man get too busy to make it to your agreed date, he is so definitely creating time for some other hot project/chic that he deems worth the energy and time . so watch out when he starts being creepy.

#4 OVER DEMANDING OF S6X: This may come as a surprise to you but in fact its the best sign to catch a cheating Man. it appears like he’s pestering you for s6x because he doesn’t want to cheat on you with some other chic but when in fact, its rejection from the other girl that makes him demand so much from you as the only other alternative. so now you know it. don’t just give in because he needs it so often suddenly.

if your man with whom you’ve had a simple sweet relationship with all over a sudden transforms into an abusive quarrels and a constant complaining one. My girl, he’s been served better else where and that’s his only way of letting you know although he can’t open up to you and tell you what’s really up. so take note

IF YOU FEEL THAT THERE OTHER SIGNS WE’VE LEFT UNMENTIONED HERE, kindly share them in the comments section below.


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