Home howto How to buy a 4G smart phone for only ugx200k.

How to buy a 4G smart phone for only ugx200k.


might seem to be the craziest idea you’ve heard of, but fun insane fact is that , you actually can grab your self a phone at a cheap price of 200k.

How is it possible? Airtel Uganda had come up with the deal to offer it’s loyal customers a chance of a lifetime. All they need to before securing this phone is a simple 200k ,

what comes with the phone? Airtel has been so genuine. An offer worth a 4G enabled phone is one that doesn’t stop just there, as a customer you get a charger, headsets, USB cable, a 13 year warranty incase anything happens to the phone during that time.

How / where do you acquire this phone? Visit any of Airtel Uganda authorized distributors or outlets. Be the first to win this opportunity. The offer runs until November 30 2020.


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